Baby Photo Shoot Clothes

baby photo shoot clothes
People magazine cover?

O.k. let me see if i can get this straight…Angelina and Brad pitt have millions of dollars but for the first cover photo shoot of their new baby girl shiloh, they dress her in boy clothing on the front cover of this weeks people complete with a skull teeshirt. I’m not a millionaire but when i brought both my kids home from the hospital, they were in cute infant clothes. has anybody else thought of that when they saw the cover.
They are already saying in the article, that she has brad’s blue eyes, Well of course, all babies have blue eyes when they are born(Duh)!!! and angelina’s full lips, which i did not think so…i personally do not think it was a cute baby but only time will tell.

In the lives of those wealthy Hollywood people the little shirt she has on is considered very hip. It is an oufit for a girl, and the shirt says pots and pans, it’s from Kingsley brand and it’s priced at 42 bucks. To each their own. I see nothing wrong with it personally.

Photoshoot for the Handmade Children’s Clothing Line, Lauren Tollefson Baby

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